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The Girl who cried Wolf

I understand their wariness, I question it myself sometimes. How does one go through two marriages, countless relationships and yet, confess their willingness to spend their life with this person so soon? Didn’t we hear this before, it didn’t end well and left them, me including shaking their heads saying “really-what happened?”

I choose to believe that I am evolving, that those choices I made were the right choices at the time. Yet, there were always things, little things that I chose to overlook, that I chose to live with. Those relationships ending made those little things seem insurmountable over the long run. Yet, at the time I was willing to settle…. Maybe that is the crux of it all, I chose to settle. I found the good things, the positive aspects and chose to ignore the rest. Is that wrong?

I am not perfect, I would be the first to admit that. It has taken me 52 years to learn to love unconditionally. I don’t regret the relationships that have taken me through these steps. I have taken lessons from every one of them, both good and bad. All those experiences have brought me to where I am today.

I know I have met the man I will spend the rest of my life with. I know I have cried wolf and there are disbelievers. However, the difference this time is, I don’t need someone to save me from the wolves. I finally in my heart have no reservations, no questions, no doubts, just answers….It makes crying wolf those times a lesson. A lesson in opening my heart, knowing that I never once gave up, I kept on trying and sharing my hopes and dreams. A lesson that when the right one comes along, there are no naysayers, no doubts, no need to cry wolf because all that really matters is you know and he knows and there is peace and everlasting love.


About janet50

A fifty year old single mom with two teenagers. Wondering how I got here to WTF Fifty, and how to navigate the past, present and future.... Any comments, suggestions, feel free to share, the more we all help each other navigate this journey the better. In reality, it would appear they forgot to give us the manual!

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