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If there was a rewind button….

If there was a rewind button;

I would love my 130lb body and not think I was fat.

I wouldn’t have spent so much time worrying about things that I had no control over.

I would have looked inside myself for self acceptance instead of looking to others.

I would have asked for help more often.

I would have made different decisions, a lot of different decisions…

I would have gone to Business School and pursued a real career.

I would have saved more money for retirement.

I would have traveled when I had the chance.

I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to get married and start a family.

I would have worked out more, so it was a part of my life instead of such a chore now.

I would have taken more chances, jumped off the proverbial cliff and flown!

I would spoken my mind more often.

I wouldn’t have been such a people pleaser.

I would have lived my life one day at a time instead of wishing it away.

But there isn’t a rewind button.

I don’t love my body but I am learning to accept it, flaws and all.

I am learning to let my mind rest and look for answers, to put my worries out to the Universe and let the burden go.

I am respecting my body as mine, making decisions that are in the best interest of myself.

I do ask for help when I need it and I have a strong support group.

I would have made different decisions however then I wouldn’t be me as I am now.

I have a fun job that allows me to be a kid at heart!

I got to retire for two years while I had my store.

I will travel!

I have two lovely children who are my life.

Working out is not fun but I am stronger than ever before.

I don’t like heights 🙂

I am speaking my mind, this blog is part of that.

I am learning to say no.

One day at a time is still a work in progress but isn’t life all about learning…..


About janet50

A fifty year old single mom with two teenagers. Wondering how I got here to WTF Fifty, and how to navigate the past, present and future.... Any comments, suggestions, feel free to share, the more we all help each other navigate this journey the better. In reality, it would appear they forgot to give us the manual!

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