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I have a heavy heart.The tragic events of the past few weeks surrounding the Tim Bosma case have left me wondering what has become of this world? I didn’t know Tim nor his family but I am struck by how much his death has affected me. I literally mourned for his wife and young child when they found his body. While the search was on, I voraciously read the news updates praying for good news.  What was it about this case that struck so close to home? I mourned for the individuals and families in Boston when the bombs went off at the Marathon and was horrified. However, it didn’t strike such a personal chord with me.

Was it the fact that this death struck closer to my home , was it that we saw pictures of Tim’s young family? Was it that anyone of us could have been a victim like Tim was? A friend of mine said that Tim was naive to get into a truck with strangers to test drive a truck? Really…I don’t buy into that. As a woman, perhaps I would have considered not going if the potential buyers were male however I don’t think it is unusual for a man to go with potential buyers. Is our world such that we have to rethink every action we take, do we have to become so paranoid of our every action? I did speak with my son about his online activities, he is 16 and constantly posts Kijiji ads. He often wouldn’t tell me someone was coming to the house until they had been or were on their way. I told him that was not an option any longer, there always had to be someone home when a stranger came to exchange or purchase goods from him. Do I like making him aware there are potential dangers from something as simple as selling something? No, but it is a reality.

I am sickened by the world we live in. I understand that the media perpetuates an image, ” if it bleeds, it leads.”  Maybe that is why Facebook has seen an increase of positive video’s, at least among my friends. Maybe we are all trying to remember that there are good, positive things happening in the world.

I live in Cambridge where an entire community has come together for Kyla, a young girl who needed and received a lung transplant. Kayla has united a city consisting of three distinct communities, Hespeler, Preston and Galt into the City of Cambridge. Our city is decorated with green ribbons of support and Kyla’s Facebook page is inundated daily with positive encouragement from virtual strangers. Her family is constantly reiterating how blessed they feel for Kayla and offer words of thanks and blessings for the donor family.


How can we live in a community so rocked on opposite sides of good and evil? How did our world come to this? I do truly believe there are great people in the world however I have come to realize that there are truly evil people as well. I realize that this is nothing new, read any history book to know the facts.

What I do know is that this senseless tragedy has affected me deeply.


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