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Writers Block

I have half a dozen drafts sitting on my computer, taunting me to finish them. I start and I stop. I convince myself that it isn’t worthy and I start another draft. I have ideas, they swirl in my head while in the shower, driving in the car, I could be the author of 2 liners for that is as far as I get. They are brilliant in my head, I scribble them on scraps of paper however expressing beyond the point has become an issue.

Is it fear driven, is it a metaphor for my life or is it simply writers block?



About janet50

A fifty year old single mom with two teenagers. Wondering how I got here to WTF Fifty, and how to navigate the past, present and future.... Any comments, suggestions, feel free to share, the more we all help each other navigate this journey the better. In reality, it would appear they forgot to give us the manual!

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